Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on Bytemark Cloud

Ubuntu lovers rejoice! The final stable release of Ubuntu 16.04, code named Xenial Xerus is now ready to fire up using Bytemark Cloud (BigV).

What’s new?

‘Snap Packages’ – They’re a new application format, the ‘snap’, which can be installed alongside traditional deb packages. These two packaging formats live quite comfortably next to one another and enable Ubuntu to maintain its existing processes for development and updates.
The snap format is much easier to secure and much easier to produce, and offers operational benefits for organisations managing many Ubuntu devices, which will bring more robust updates and more secure applications across all form factors from phone to cloud.

‘LXD’ – the pure-container hypervisor that delivers 14x the density and substantially greater speed for Linux guests compared to established traditional virtualisation.

‘ZFS-on-linux’ – It’s a combination of a volume manager and filesystem which enables efficient snapshots, copy-on-write cloning, continuous integrity checking against data corruption, automatic filesystem repair, and data compression.

‘CephFS’ – a distributed filesystem that provides an ideal platform for large-scale enterprise storage for cluster computing on open technology.

This will provide support until April 2021.


Log into the Panel , and select “Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial)” from the Operating System section – It’s as easy as that!



Ubuntu roll out an LTS (Long Term Support) release every two years, the last being in 2014. Most releases of Ubuntu have support for around 9 months, an LTS release will continue support for 5 years, meaning you don’t have to worry about having to upgrade the whole Operating System to continue getting security updates.


If you have any questions, issues or perhaps want to upgrade  – email the support team and we’d be happy to talk you through it.