BigV is now called Bytemark Cloud Servers

We’ve just renamed our old “BigV” product to “Bytemark Cloud Servers“, and redirected the web site. The documentation has all been moved, but the product is the same reliable hosting that you’ve used since 2012. Hooray! That is all.

But if you like ancient history and bad branding:

In 2012, after 8 years of selling our old VM product, we test-launched our new hosting platform, and we’d called it after its design codename: BigV. It got its own logo, a web site and a whole new brand. It even had a guitar because it was that cool:


The embarrassing part is: we gave it a different name because we weren’t sure it was going to work. If BigV blew up and ate everyone’s data, we’d retire it without shaming the good name of Bytemark!  Yes, yes, planning a new brand around its ultimate failure was a stroke of marketing genius but let’s never forget the New Coke – or as they called it in 1985, Coke:

We didn’t want to rename the old service “Hosting Classic!” if BigV went wrong. But we shouldn’t have been pessimistic. The design document showed off our work – we’d implemented live migration, where customer servers could move between pieces of hardware without down time. We’d built an API for quick provisioning, and allowed up to 8 discs to be connected and expanded. Just to show off, in 2014 we live-migrated all our customers’ servers from spinning discs to fast SSDs without anyone noticing. It really was working out fine but we held out until 2016 just to be sure.

Bytemark have now got thousands of Cloud Servers online, and it’s the product that British engineers come to us for: high-availability, automatically-provisioned, flexible servers – just what we designed! And the development practice that we built up since 2012 has now become our standard for how we build new services.

So now that BigV has become our new business, and has been our most popular server for years, we’re proud to give it a more obvious, more recognisable, more respectable, 200% MORE BORING name – Bytemark Cloud Servers.

Now you know how good we are at branding you should definitely sign up today and get £10 free hosting for a month.