What is Bytemark Cloud and Where is BigV?

Bytemark Cloud is the hosting platform that we built in-house back in 2012.  Originally, it was called BigV, but in 2016 we felt the time was right to rebrand the service. Bytemark Cloud still provides the same reliable hosting that you’ve used since 2012, it’s just a new name! Though we will, of course, continue to ship new features to keep improving functionality. Ensuring we always provide the best hosting solutions for you.

Why was it renamed?

We came up with the name BigV in 2011, when we first began trialling the idea of building our own hosting platform. All of the code was new and everything was completely separate from the existing Bytemark products. So BigV seemed like a great statement of intent – nothing old, all new, all exciting!

Originally, it started as a codename for the project. But then we started bringing customers over to the “BigV” platform and the name just stuck.

Fast-forward to 2016, and we’d implemented live migration, where customer servers could move between pieces of hardware without downtime. We’d built an API for quick provisioning, and allowed up to 8 discs to be connected and expanded. BigV was supervising around 3,000 servers, with more coming online each day.

Our self-built hosting platform was no longer a side project, it was the core of the business. BigV has been our most popular server for years. But it was confusing for some new customers, they didn’t immediately associate BigV with the Bytemark brand. It still looked separate.

So we decided to come up with a new, clearer name. Bytemark Cloud – it does what it says on the tin! We are Bytemark, and we sell cloud servers.

Doing more, for you

The renaming comes as part of a series of other changes designed to make our website and products do more of what you need. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Our research said you came to our site to spin up a server or check whether the network had broken. So we listened! There’s now a new slimline header with those functions on it.
  • We are now ISO27001 certified! This evidences that our processes meet information security standards.
  • The documentation site has been revamped. Making it easier to find and use our support guides.

If you’re new to Bytemark Cloud – welcome! Give the platform a go and get your first server online in minutes with our 7-day free trial.