We’re sponsoring TestBash Manchester

We’re pleased to be sponsoring TestBash Manchester — an awesomely jam-packed conference for software testers taking place October 21st.

TestBash is organised by the Ministry Of Testing, a young & ambitious company aiming to unite software testers across the world. They are helping testers build up their craft and careers. MoT has numerous initiatives to help it achieve its goal, one of those being The Dojo, which has excellent free content such as talks and paid courses.

The tech industry’s ideal of “full stack developer” is sometimes an unrealistic one, so we’re thrilled to support an event that focuses on this vital specialism. As computing gets cheaper, testers now verify so much automatically that would have been astronomically expensive 10 years ago — that’s why lots of Bytemark customers use our Cloud Servers to run continuous integration and build jobs.

The conference is now sold out, but we’d recommend you check out their site to find out what they do, then subscribe to get a heads-up on the next one!