A new how-we-hire how-to

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we have received from our research into our anonymous recruitment process is that applicants needed communication about various steps along the way. We heard you, and we’ve worked hard to improve your experience, and ultimately, your success with us.

The updated Careers site has had a major rewrite and expansion of our How we hire page. This not only makes expectations clearer for you, but it forced us to examine all the details about how we do things — that made things clearer for us too!

We’ve organised the new guidance into a table of contents and we’ve made expectations clear at each step along the way. Less wondering about whether or not your username is ok or if what you wear to the final interview matters (it doesn’t); we want you to be able to focus on making a great impression with as little stress as possible!

Although this is a big improvement, our work is never “done”. There are more important improvements in the works and we welcome any and all feedback on that. And if you’re currently job-seeking, we encourage you to apply for a future role at Bytemark and be one of the first to experience a new, even fairer way to get hired.