Gold sponsors of Code Mesh

I’m proud to announce that Bytemark are gold sponsors of Code Mesh, the Alternative Programming Conference, which promotes unusual and novel programming practice. The theme is “the right tool for the job”, and the 2-day programme is absolutely full of founders, technologists and outright legends. A personal hilight is Sophie Wilson – the woman who invented BBC BASIC & ARM assembler, the two technologies I spent years studying, and that got me knee-deep in the computer industry as a teenager.

There are also some fascinating talks scheduled on unikernels, space stations and pre-UNIX computing history. It’s huge and we’re really happy to see it happen.

At Bytemark we’ve always been a company to go our own way with technology choices, which is why we designed our own cloud hosting platform and built our own data centre instead of using other people’s. Because quite often, “the right tool for the job” just doesn’t exist yet.

Code Mesh┬áis happening on 3-4 November in Central London, and tickets are still available – see you there!