Bytemark launches Cloud Server Backups!

We are delighted to announce that Backups for Cloud Servers based in York are available from today in the Bytemark Panel and in version 2.4 of the Command Line Client.

This means that you can now take a backup of your root disc and restore your Cloud Server from a backup at any time. You can also setup schedules for backups to be taken automatically at a time of your choosing, keeping a maximum number of backups at any one time.

We are launching this service with a two month Free Beta Period. There will be no charge for backups up until August 31st 2017.

Our developer Sam has made a lovely video walkthrough for you:

We would very much appreciate your feedback on this new service. There is a feedback form in the panel and a forum post for discussion.

We’re really excited about this feature. You can try it out now at


Are there any restrictions during the Beta Period?

There are some temporary usage restrictions:

  • Backups are only available for Cloud Servers in York (Manchester coming soon)
  • Schedules can retain a maximum of 4 backups, before the oldest is deleted when a new one is taken.
  • There is a limit of 4 manually taken backups.

How much will backups cost?

Backups will be priced based on the storage cost of the size of disc being backed up. Monthly costs for a server with backups will then be dependent on the number of backups you choose to keep.

We are still finalising pricing. However we expect storage costs to be similar to Archive grade storage (25GiB for 50p per month).

What happens at the end of the Beta Period?

We will announce pricing and email all customers in advance of the end of the beta period to give you notice of any costs you might incur after the beta period ends.

When will backups be available for Cloud Servers in Manchester?

This is expected shortly after the beta period finishes in September 2017.

Can I rely on this service?

We’ve focused on making a reliable backup and restore process for Cloud Servers. Your backups are stored on separate hardware to your server and the restore process takes a couple of minutes as a result, as your backup is migrated over.

How can I get individual files from a backup?

We are working on a file recovery appliance which will allow you to browse and select files from your backups for download. This will be available from the panel or the command line (on your server or other computers). This is scheduled to launch later in the year.

Will there be any other new features in the near future?

We are currently finalising updates to enable two-factor authentication, which we expect to be available in the next few weeks. More coming soon…