Our New Cloud Hosting Trial

If you recommend Bytemark to your friends, we want that recommendation to count!

Your friends should have the best possible experience when they sign up with Bytemark, and that’s what we’ve been improving over the last few weeks.

We’ve just released the first part of our work: a clearer cloud hosting page and a simpler free trial.

Yesterday we’d have given you a £10 credit to do what you want with. That did work, but had complicated edges to it that confused a lot of new customers.

Today you can try out a much wider range of services for 7 days. You won’t see a bill during the trial period, and you can’t go over the trial limit by accident! If you call our friendly support team we can even tailor a trial package if you’re bringing an important new client to us.

With the new trial you can create multiple servers. You can create extra IP addresses to try out more complex network configurations. You can also experiment with backup schedules, or add extra disc space. The only thing you can’t do is register domain names.

It’s available now – sign up for 7 days free of charge and let us know what you (and your clients) think. Post on our forum, email our team on support@bytemark.co.uk, or you can tweet us @bytemark