What We’ve Shipped: Highlights of 2018 so Far

They say if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. At Bytemark, we’re moving forward faster than ever before, shipping new features and improvements to functionality and reliability that we hope you’ll love.


I’m Peter and I joined Team Bytemark last month as the Product Owner. As a Product Owner, I believe in transparency and that means communicating with you as frequently as possible. Therefore, welcome to the first ‘What We’ve Shipped’ post – I’ll be posting regular updates from this point forward.

Work Quicker in Panel


We’ve made several updates to the Bytemark Panel based on your feedback:

  • We’ve added a simplified success screen to new Cloud Servers, giving you the information you need even quicker
  • Ability to save defaults for new servers, helping to deploy lots of Cloud Servers through Panel in an efficient way
  • Various changes to improve imaging reliability and reporting in Panel, including the ability to image directly from an ISO
  • Significant improvements to billing, allowing you to review your paid/unpaid invoices at a glance and pay them from within the Panel
  • View your resources by IP address, add additional IPs and change the reverse DNS
  • Add a safe shutdown option to the Panel
  • Add ability to netboot a server from the Panel
  • We’ve renamed VNC to Console and added the ability to cut & paste straight into the Console

Clear and Helpful Documentation

Our documentation is now significantly easier to navigate, with significantly improved search functionality:

  • Search our documentation and find what you need in seconds
  • Documentation is now arranged into categories, which we will continue to review and expand
  • Dynamic contents widget to make scrolling through long documents faster
  • A complete review, making our most complicated articles much clearer for new users. We’ve also added the ability to rate articles as helpful or not – we’d really appreciate your ratings, so we know where to improve next
  • Related/popular articles functionality, helping you to discover other useful articles in our documentation
  • Cosmetic tweaks and fixes to make the documentation more pleasant to read and print

Committed to Reliability and Transparency: Status Page Updates

We firmly believe in being honest and transparent with our customers.

  • We’ve updated the status page to make it easier to search and navigation
  • Added a range of status types to make it easier to understand when the issue will be resolved
  • We now tweet to @bytemarkstatus when an issue occurs
  • We’re continuing to make changes to improve the reliability of our platform. Our platform team is tireless and always looking for improvements.

GDPR and Privacy

We’ve made extensive improvements to our legal agreements to clarify our relationship:

  • Our new Terms and Conditions are displayed publically on our website, which creates a GDPR compliant contractual relationship between us, to ensure personal data is handled properly
  • Our new Privacy Policy explains how we handle your data as a data controller.
  • You can now see your acceptance status in the Panel so you can see which terms you had accepted. If you haven’t accepted our most recent terms, you’ll have the option to review and accept our latest terms.
  • We now automatically close dormant accounts and anonymize closed accounts to protect your right to privacy.

For a recap of all the key features that we’ve shipped this year, take a look at our full 2018 roundup.

Thanks for Reading!

As our first ‘What We’ve Shipped’ post, it’s a big one! I commend you for making it right to the end! The next posts will be published regularly when we release a new feature – so watch this space.

If you haven’t tried Bytemark Cloud before, or haven’t checked it out in a few months, we encourage you to take another look. We’ve added a range of features to help you get started quickly and make your day-to-day experiences more efficient. Our 7-day free trial is without obligation to purchase.

If you use Bytemark Cloud already, we’d love your feedback. What do you think of the year’s features so far? And what would you like to see in the year to come? Please send me an email (peter.white@bytemark.co.uk) – I’d love to talk to you.