What We’ve Shipped: Rename Groups, API Keys & More

In our latest update, we’ve made significant improvements to Bytemark Panel and Bytemark Client, including support for API Keys and the ability to rename groups.

Give Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and other orchestration platforms the (API) keys to your account. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

API Keys

Following adding Docker Machine Driver support in November, we’ve now added the ability to request and revoke API keys from within Panel.

In the past, we only offered short-lived expiring tokens via our authenication server, which needed to be requested and reissued frequently for dynamic infrastructure creation. Now, we have platform-level support for long-life API keys with privilege support – so you can dynamically provision infrastructure without giving whole account access via a token.

You can now create API keys within Panel, enabling you to dynamically create Bytemark Cloud infrastructure via Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and other orchestration platforms.

To create an API key:

  1. Login to the Bytemark Panel
  2. Hover over ‘Account’ and click ‘API Keys’
  3. Click ‘Add New API Key’
  4. Enter a label and select an expiry date. If you’d like the key never to expire, tick the ‘Permanent’ option
  5. Click ‘Add API Key’

Rename Groups

With our ‘Rename Groups’ feature, you can now rename groups of resources within Bytemark Panel. This will change hostnames for each resource within the group automatically.

To rename a group:

  1. Login to the Bytemark Panel
  2. Click ‘Servers’
  3. Click the rename icon to the right of the group name
  4. Your server hostnames will automatically update

Platform Updates

We’ve improved the reliability of Bytemark Cloud, ensuring your Cloud Servers perform optimally and added various features to the API:

    • You can now authenticate on the API with API keys
    • Improved access to backup information over the API.  For example, if you know the ID of a backup, you can query it directly by GET /backups/:id You can list all backups you have access to, without needing to do it per disc.
  • Added multi-id query string matching support – for example, you can pass an array to GET /discs?disc_ids[]=1&disc_ids[]=2, rather than making multiple requests.

Bytemark Client v3.4

We’ve also released an updated version of Bytemark Client, to add various features we recently added to Panel:

  • Discs can be moved between servers using the update disc command and the new --new-server flag
  • Grant command can now grant privileges to users using api keys
  • API keys can be used for authentication (with access restricted to Bytemark Cloud Server’s APIs)
  • API keys can be managed with the add api key, delete api key, show api keys, and grant privilege (with –api-key flag) and revoke privilege commands

You can review the release notes and download the latest version here.