What We’ve Shipped: Micro VMs & Swap Primary IPs in Panel

We’re excited to share several updates to Bytemark Cloud, designed to make your cloud hosting more flexible and easier to configure.

Micro VMs are perfect for Cloud Native applications, such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and GitLab Runners.

Micro VMs are perfect for Cloud Native applications, such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and GitLab Runners.

Micro VMs

Firstly, introducing our new Micro specifcation. Our goal with introducing Micro VMs was to provide a lighter specification designed for Cloud Native and hobbyist usage. Micro VMs are ideal for Gitlab Runners, small applications with a low footprints or as part of horizontally scaling applications on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and other platforms.

Micro VMs have a fast 5GB SSD and 768MB of RAM for just £6 p/month and are available to all new customers and existing customers on our dynamic billing system.

How to use Micro VMs
  1. Login to Bytemark Cloud at panel.bytemark.co.uk
  2. Click ”Add VM’
  3. Drag the performance slider to the minimum to reveal our Micro specification. Please do contact support[at]bytemark.co.uk if this option is not available on your account.
  4. Select your Operating System and optionally add additional disc space.

We can’t wait to see how you use them – here are some ideas we’re trying at Bytemark:

  • Kubernetes Nodes
  • Gitlab Runners
  • Our Simple Load Balancers product
  • Small applications with low footprint or infrequent use, such as small CMS applications, staging environments, file storage, database servers or VPN servers.

Swap Primary IPs in Panel

Building from our previous update [https://blog.bytemark.co.uk/2018/12/03/what-weve-shipped-swap-primary-ips], we now offer the ability to swap primary IPs between powered off Bytemark Cloud VMs in the same zone from within Panel.

The ability to redirect network traffic between any of your VMs enables:

  • Application Upgrades – Upgrade your application on a duplicate of your live VM, then swap them to complete the upgrade.
  • Specification Upgrades – Need to add additional RAM with minimal downtime? Duplicate your VM, resize the duplicate, then swap them to complete the specification upgrade.

Our easy-to-use GUI shows exactly what will occur as a result of the IP swap and works instantly.

Thanks for reading!

As ever, we plan to continue to develop Bytemark Cloud over time with more features that are useful to you. If you have feedback or feature suggestions we’d love to hear them – please send me an email [peter.white[at]bytemark.co.uk] – I’d love to talk to you.