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Updates about Bytemark’s cloud servers and automated platform (formerly called BigV).

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Re-image VMs in BigV web control panel

You can now re-image your BigV VMs through the web control panel! This lets you install a fresh (or different) operating system, whilst keeping the VM spec and networking setup (IPs). Please note: Re-image wipes any attached discs, so please backup externally to keep data. You’ll be given a new root password You’ll likely get […]

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Retiring SAS storage grade in BigV

We’ve decided to retire the “SAS” storage grade in BigV; taking the list of available grades to archive, sata and ssd. We’ll get a new client release out soon without the sas option and update the documentation accordingly. The change is being made due to improvements in the performance of the SATA grade that make […]

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Using “git push” to deploy Ruby applications to your own server

If you’ve used Heroku you’ll be familiar with the convenience of using “git push” to deploy your Ruby application. Here’s how you can do the same on BigV using Dokku – a simple system that allows quick deployment of packaged applications, or “buildpacks”. Dokku uses software called Buildstep and contains your applications using Docker. That’s a lot of buzzwords to put onto your own […]

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BigV API Documentation

We’ve now released some initial documentation about the API for BigV. You can view it here: The API will allow you to control all aspects of BigV, including accounts, groups, virtual machines and even reverse DNS. In fact, our own command line client ( and web control panel ( use this same API. The […]

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Help us test the new BigV web manager

We recently deployed a new beta web client for managing BigV at The new panel offers a much more user-friendly way of creating and managing cloud servers on BigV. From the panel, you can do almost everything that you can already via the command-line client, except VNC. Once we knock that on its head, […]

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