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Let’s Encrypt with Symbiosis

We’ve been testing the latest release of Symbiosis Jessie over the last few months with Let’s Encrypt and we’re proud to say it’s now packaged with Symbiosis! What is Let’s Encrypt? Let’s encrypt is a free, open certificate authority (CA) that launched at the end of 2015. It provides SSL/TLS certificates via an automated process […]

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Amsterdam: a great host for HostingCon

We get some great perks working for Bytemark, including getting to go to interesting conferences. That’s why I recently hopped on a plane to Amsterdam to meet the “who’s who” of the hosting industry at HostingCon Europe! For the uninitiated, HostingCon Europe is the little sister of the biggest conference in the hosting industry ‘HostingCon Global’, held […]

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My favourite parts of Upfront Mini 2015

Yesterday I was lucky to attend Upfront Mini – a smallish (150 person!) one day conference about Front End Web development – the parts that appear in your browser! I particularly liked this part of the introduction: #Upfrontmini: "we have a code of conduct – some conferences don't take it seriously – we do" — […]

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Engineering Culture at Autotrader

Me and my girlfriend Clara have just come away from the AutoTrader “Science Fair” and we’re full of thoughts, ideas and reflections and wanted to get them down somewhere. We heard about the event at Barcamp Manchester last weekend, and decided to go along to get a better understanding of how AutoTrader works. I know […]

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