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Fresh worm food

There was an absolute corker of a security vulnerability announced on Friday afternoon. ¬†exim4, the mail processing program for Debian, allow unrestricted remote access to any server running it, and more than a thousand people on our network alone may be vulnerable. ¬†From a deployment point of view, it’s absolutely the worst Linux-centred security problem […]

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This month, we’re sponsoring…

1) LUGRadio Live – it’s back from the dead (though wasn’t down for long).  On 5pm on October 24th, the four gents from Wolverhampton will talk wittily about open source, hacker culture and further their own bizarre cult of personality.  In the run up to the main event, they have organised a huge number talks […]

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Dealing with our first major outage

As a hosting company, high availability is crucial. Bytemark now has a 99% uptime guarantee and a 100% core network guarantee. But back in 2009, we experienced a major networking issue. Which, although quickly resolved, has had a lasting impact on the company in terms of what we learnt from the situation. What was the […]

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