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New Year, New Look: Bytemark’s Rebrand Goes Live

If you’ve visited the blog before, you’ll have noticed that things look a bit different. We’ve launched the new branding that we first announced back in October 2018! But the start of the project, which we’ve worked on alongside United By Design, actually dates back even further. Bytemark has more web properties than most. There’s the […]

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Introducing a Bright New Identity for Bytemark

Bytemark was founded back in 2002 and over the last 16 years, we have custom-built our own hosting platform which has continually evolved, adding new services and features to ensure we always offer you the fast, flexible and reliable hosting that you need. But, despite constantly developing our tech, our look as a company has […]

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A new chapter as Bytemark moves up the stack

You and thousands of other developers have trusted Bytemark since Peter and I founded the company in 2002. Since then we’ve built our own cloud hosting platform, our own data centre in York, and hundreds of custom managed hosting solutions. We’ve built our own support & engineering teams, after first building our own anonymous recruitment […]

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Meet the Team: Allan Buchan

Here, we give some insight into what it’s like to be part of our Support team. Name: Allan Buchan Department: Support Job title: (our first!) Junior System Administrator Random fact about you: I enjoy growing super-hot chilies (and foolishly eating them!) Also, I’m naturally better at a South African accent than Dutch – even after living […]

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How & Why We Built a Bytemark Status Site

One of our manifesto principles is an ongoing commitment to transparency and clear communication. That’s why since 2005, we have detailed every outage affecting our products and network on our public forum. In 2015, we built on that commitment by launching a dedicated Bytemark Status site ( where we have continued to report all service interruptions […]

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Bytemark’s self-built data centre

In February 2013, after over 10-years as a hosting provider, Bytemark made the decision to invest £1.2 million into building our own data centre. Here’s the complete guide to how we made it happen. YO26 Peter and I are proud to announce that we’ve completed the purchase of a building for Bytemark. The name, YO26, is taken […]

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