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News and information about data centres – particularly Y026, Bytemark’s self-built data centre.

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Live railway cameras from YO26 in York

When the first train left York station in 1839, rail travel was still very new. In fact, the first passenger railway between two stations (Manchester to Liverpool) had only been completed nine years before. Some say that the railway “saved York from stagnation” and it’s not hard to see the lasting impact that railways and […]

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Test your connection speed to our data centre in York

Did you know that YO26, Bytemark’s data centre in York, is included in the host directory? This means that you can carry out running connection and bandwidth tests to see how fast our services could work for you! What is Speedtest is a third-party tool provided by Ookla. As the name suggests, it […]

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Bytemark’s self-built data centre

In February 2013, after over 10-years as a hosting provider, Bytemark made the decision to invest £1.2 million into building our own data centre. Here’s the complete guide to how we made it happen. YO26 Peter and I are proud to announce that we’ve completed the purchase of a building for Bytemark. The name, YO26, is taken […]

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