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The bumpy ride to IPv6

The internet is nearly full.  The space that has been used up isn’t physical – there are still data centres to be built and new web sites to put up, and increasing demand for both – it’s the address space.  Vint Cerf and the other researchers who built the internet’s foundations simply had to pick […]

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Dealing with our first major outage

As a hosting company, high availability is crucial. Bytemark now has a 99% uptime guarantee and a 100% core network guarantee. But back in 2009, we experienced a major networking issue. Which, although quickly resolved, has had a lasting impact on the company in terms of what we learnt from the situation. What was the […]

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root ain’t what it used to be

My own groundhog day is a debate with customers about what constitutes “typical” Linux security precautions.  If you’re a Linux administrator of any experience, you might find some of the following statements rather familiar: My server is secure because Apache runs in a chroot. My web site is secure because I have a hardware firewall!  […]

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