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What is Kubernetes? A Beginners’ Guide

A quick disclaimer before we get started – I’m not a developer. In fact, until about four months ago I’d never even heard of Kubernetes, or Docker, or containers… But that’s exactly why I’ve written this guide. For people, like me, who are absolute beginners when it comes to Kubernetes orĀ for developers who’d like their […]

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Top 10 Cloud Native Events to Attend in 2019

The tech industry moves at a rapid pace. So attending conferences, meetups and exhibitions is a great way to keep up to date with the latest developments and network with like-minded people. One of the biggest trends in recent years has been the push towards a cloud native approach to development. With this has come […]

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Kubernetes Manchester: What We Learnt

Attending meetups is one of the best parts of working at Bytemark. Companies and individuals come together to share experiences, ideas and new technologies, inspiring us to learn more. One of the most exciting technologies to emerge in recent years is Kubernetes – and with over 100 attendees filling the room at the first ever […]

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