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Creating Your Own Ad Blocker in 15 Minutes

If you’ve done just about anything on the internet, you’ll have come across some ads. Whether it’s mobile games or apps, shopping websites or social media, digital ads are everywhere. They’re often annoying, usually interruptive and, what’s worse, they’re almost certainly tracking your browsing habits. There are a few ways to get rid of those […]

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How to set up a WordPress site quickly

WordPress is an incredibly popular website management system, powering an estimated 25% of websites. We love it because at its very core, it’s an open source CMS. The source code is freely available for anyone to study, use, modify, and build upon. This has resulted in thousands of people across the world using it to build sites, […]

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We’re supporting Ubuntu MATE

I’m happy to announce that Bytemark is supporting the Ubuntu MATE operating system project, which is based on a traditional computer desktop. We’re providing hosting for its community forums & wiki and bandwidth for its very popular Raspberry Pi distribution. The MATE project’s admirable goal is “to add support for new technologies while preserving a classic desktop experience”. […]

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Let’s Encrypt with Symbiosis

We’ve been testing the latest release of Symbiosis Jessie over the last few months with Let’s Encrypt and we’re proud to say it’s now packaged with Symbiosis! What is Let’s Encrypt? Let’s encrypt is a free, open certificate authority (CA) that launched at the end of 2015. It provides SSL/TLS certificates via an automated process […]

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Setting up a Raspberry Pi perfectly on the first boot

Bytemark’s offices have long been missing that vital component of any tech company – wall-hanging status displays! I want to show off some vital statistics: support satisfaction statistics for our support team, the railcams, sales figures – all that movie stuff! Easy, right? We’ll use Raspberry Pis to do the display – they’re cheap and easily hidden behind […]

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Let the media play on with Kodi!

Kodi is open source home theatre software – still known to some by its old name, XBMC. It’s perfect for organising and viewing all your saved or downloaded digital media – those old MP3s or home videos that you made. Kodi has been developed since 2004 and is still free, open source software. It’s available […]

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How & Why We Built a Bytemark Status Site

One of our manifesto principles is an ongoing commitment to transparency and clear communication. That’s why since 2005, we have detailed every outage affecting our products and network on our public forum. In 2015, we built on that commitment by launching a dedicated Bytemark Status site ( where we have continued to report all service interruptions […]

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The tools you install first when you get a new server

Everyone loves that new car smell, right? That heady mix of volatile organic compounds, phthalates and plasticisers that takes you to another level… Hmm, maybe that’s not so appealing after all. Thankfully, the smell of a fresh server is whole lot less toxic for you than a car, especially when it’s kept at a distance from you in a data […]

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